Established in November 2011 as a motorsport blog giving those outside of Formula 1 a voice with monthly visitors up to 10 K.

Owned and managed by McKechnie Marketing whose owner Iain McKechnie has been a motorsport enthusiast for over 40 years. He has worked in the sport too and his experience includes activity days, marketing, sales and racing school management.

Over the years, Race and Rally World has been engaged in motorsport marketing and photography.  Following a  lot of marketing research and product testing, an online store for model cars was launched in October 2018. The range included motorsport and road car models. 

The range through time has evolved and reflects the needs of the many types of buyers whether it is someone buying a model car for the first time or the passionate collector. Model car collecting is relatively addictive because once you start with your first purchase, there is the yearning to buy more.

What is fun about collecting is the pleasure a model car brings usually in the form of a memory associated with the car. Maybe you owned or own the real car or it is the model of a car you saw win a race or rally. Many models are limited edition and made in batches of 1,000 or less. Some through time have been known to go up in value too

When the world shutdown in March 2020 due to the Covid 19 outbreak, business was suspended. It gave Race and Rally World a chance to evaluate what to do when restrictions were withdrawn.  Our business was able to operate when allowed and also had to wait for supply chains to get back to normal which they are of April 2023.

2021 saw the launch of Motorway Models which effectively saw the transfer from Race and Rally World of road cars, trucks and vans to it's own online entity.

McKechnie Marketing is a fair company to deal with and one which uses a no hard-selling policy.

Our products are for sale to customers in the UK, Europe, USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand.  All models are packaged securely and insured via couriers. Race and Rally World welcomes enquiries from people from outside our listed countries. If it is possible to ship, we will.

All purchases here are via  Stripe or Bank transfer

Should you have any questions, click here to contact us.

Race and Rally World is a trading name of McKechnie Marketing